Would you like to IMPOVE your POSTURE?

Do you feel STIFF and INFLEXIBLE?

Want to manage your BACK PAIN?

Then Pilates Is For You!

Pilates is a unique form of exercise which works by focusing on strengthening the deeper  postural muscles of the body to give a strong centre of support from which to move. It is well know for its core strength work but other benefits include:

  • A More flexible spine, reducing back pain or the chances of suffering from back pain.
  • Improved POSTURE, feeling taller, leaner and more toned.
  • Reduction of tension in the body,  giving a greater sense of well being.
  • Healthy movement of all the joints.
  • Better Balance and coordination
  • Increased flexibility to enjoy everyday activities.
  • Improved performance in sports and other activities.

Dawn Arkell

I’ve been teaching mat based Pilates classes in  Herefordshire since 2011 after training with the Pilates Institute. I originally took up Pilates following a back injury, and the results were so positive I decided to change my career from landscape gardening, to teaching this effective form of exercise.


Pilates is taught in different ways. I use a clinical approach to teaching, which means assisting people with their techniques, using hands on corrections,  and offering alternative modified moves where appropriate, to ensure each person gets the maximum benefit from each move. Moves are taught in coordination with breathing and people work at their own pace and level.


Classes are suitable for people looking for a remedial form of exercise following injury or illness , as well as those  wanting to improve their fitness levels to maintain a healthy, balanced body or to enhance sporting performances.

If you’d like to try a class, check out the class times and venues under ‘class information’ and book your place by email (dawn.arkell@virgin.net) or phoning me 01568 615239.

One-one personal training sessions are also available, offering a personalized program of moves, to help you achieve your goals. More details available on request.